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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5 tips to overcome sadness

Here are few tips to forget your sadness and become cheerful.

1. Find out the real reason why you are feeling sad
Most of the time why we feel sad is because we don’t accept a thing that has happened. Loss of a someone or not getting a thing what we wish is often the reason that makes us sad. Instead of questioning ‘why it always happens to me’, accept the fact that it is gone or you are not getting that now. Accept the failure, it is OK to fail. You can always try next time. Accept the thing that happened, feel sadness at present and move on.

2. Talk to a trustworthy person about it
Talking about a sad thing, releases lot of stress. May be people have already undergone the thing that you are currently experiencing. Talk to a person whom you can trust, and share your sad feelings. If the person really cares about you, they will listen to you and may suggest you some ways to overcome it. But, trust me, just talking about a pain enormously reduces the pain.

3. Write / talk / paint your feelings
Most often not expressing your feelings and having them trapped inside you makes things complex. Your sadness no way to escape from yourself and you might feel sad all the way. I don’t know about you, but I like writing and writing about what makes me feel sad, how I would envision my future, liberates the sadness. You can talk to yourself or paint your feelings with colours, go back to your hobby until you forget the surroundings and truly immerse yourself into the work that you do.

4. Check your body; change your physiology
Anthony Robbins who wrote Personal Power used to say that by changing your physiology, you can change how you feel. It is instant, stand erect with a good straight posture and immediately you will feel you are feeling better. Go for a good walk or go for a swim which will immediately release your sad feelings because, your mind is occupied on the steps that you take or the strokes you make.

5. Take a break
If everything else fails and you are still not overcoming the grief or sadness, take a break. Stop the way you usually live, break the routine and go for a place where you have never been. Meet some strangers those you have never met before.

All the best for forgetting your sadness and becoming cheerful again.

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